We believe every child deserves the chance to develop skills that will give them the confidence to pursue their dreams.

How we help parents

Our aim is to help parents understand the physical, psychological and sensory needs of their child. We use standardised assessments and clinical observations to analyse children’s development and current ability. Our focus is providing advice and treatment that allows your child to thrive. We use a collaborative approach to find out what is important to you and ensure therapy sessions are tailored to the needs of every individual child and their family.


Contact us for a free telephone consultation.


Complete a referral form outlining your child's current presentation.


Our occupational therapist will visit your child at home to complete the assessment.


We can provide a range of reports detailing all of your child’s needs plus the advice and recommendations.


Should you wish to go ahead with any recommended treatment sessions the occupational therapist will return to work with you and your child.

We offer parents the opportunity to access a range of tailored therapy.

Our therapists have the knowledge to address fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing difficulties, posture and independence skills.

Kids -
Sensory Therapy

We are able to offer standardised sensory assessments to identify areas of needs and provide bespoke treatment sessions within the home or clinic environment.

Kids -

Our treatment programmes focus on the fine motor skills and visual perception skills required to produce good handwriting.

Postural Management
and Seating

Good posture is the key to performing every day tasks to the best of our ability, we assess core stability and the need for specialist seating.

Occupational Therapists use play and activity to build skills that will enable your child to reach their true potential.

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Amazing, dynamic therapist with the most wonderful bed side manner. Hannah is an extremely efficient, accessible practitioner.