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Poor fine motor skills impact on a child’s ability to do a range of occupations including dressing, using cutlery, playing and writing. We set goals which focus on increasing independence in these occupations.

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Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting without tears is a multi-sensory approach to teaching handwriting. Our therapists have attended training since  2016 and have been using the handwriting curriculum ever since. We have found the curriculum is adaptable to most children with a variety of needs.

Our therapists assess fine motor skills, pencil grip, visual perceptions skills and sensory needs which may be affecting the quality and speed of handwriting. We also use the detailed assessment of speed of handwriting (DASH) which is a standardised assessment.

We can provide treatment to children with

Complex physical needs, Learning disability, Motor coordination disorders, Chromosome deficiencies such as Downs syndrome, Cerebral palsy, Sensory processing difficulties and Developmental delay.

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